Release Notes for Pumas 2.3.1


Bug fixes and minor improvements

  • Changed EVID to evid in a read_pumas error message to clearly communicate that the keyword is lower case
  • Fixed the VPC error messages when nodes argument is invalid.
  • Reenable the fit docstrings that were removed by mistake in v2.3.0
  • Fixed the feature of using colon-definitions in @init block to allow for calculations that do not directly set an initial value of a compartment
  • Fixed some language issues in show method for FittedPumasModelInspection


Bug fixes and minor improvements

  • Fixed a bug in NCA where the percentage of AUC that comes from the extrapolated part of the curve would use non-existent keyword argument internally.



  • Statistical significance now uses Satterthwaite degrees of freedom
  • Support for additional replicated designs
  • Results include estimates of within-subject variability CV
  • Adapted the reference scaling from the ABEL framework to using the critical boundary re-specification according to latest regulatory guidance.
  • Reference scaling parameter changed from regulatory and auxiliary parameters to (theta - regulatory parameter) and cv_max for maximum within-subject variability for expanding the confidence interval.
  • Model estimation for linear mixed models in replicated designs now use the repeated observation structure per regulatory guidance.

Bug fixes and minor improvements

  • Column mapping arguments now accept AbstractString and Integer in addition to Symbol arguments.